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We will depart Fisherrow Harbour at 10am to head for a picnic lunch at Innerwick.  If memory serves, Innerwick was not reached last year as time overtook us and we settled for Spott; let's hope we get there this year.

In summary, I shall take a fairly direct route through Stenton to Spott so that you can get full enjoyment from the Brunt thus arriving at Innerwick in happy mood for lunch, with the return journey approximating the John Muir Way past Dunbar, then taking a line toward coffee at the Redhouse tea room which we don't seem to have graced with our custom for some while.  I would hope to be there before the 5pm closing!  

Incidentally I see there is now another cafe operating in the Tolbooth at Musselburgh and it closes at 5pm so perhaps worth considering for future runs where we struggle to meet the 4pm deadline at Cafe on the Corner.

In a bit more detail - leaving Musselburgh we take the coastal route to Longniddry, cycle path to Haddington, out the back of the town via Coldale, Papple, Stenton, Spott and on (up) to Innerwick.  There is no way out of Innerwick that does not involve either going back by the Brunt or travelling a fair distance on the A1, which we won't be doing, so Brunt it will be.

We will use the Spott roundabout (Asda) to cross the A1 and pick up the JMW and head towards East Linton, Ballencrieff and on to the coast at Longniddry for a refreshing headwind return to Fisherrow.

Approx 27 miles outward leg, 28 miles return leg.

The above is all subject to my whim on the day; whim which will be influenced by the state of my legs which, hopefully, will feel a lot better next week than this.

Riding in a group requires consideration for others in the group. Our riding guidelines are essential reading prior to coming out on the ride to ensure safety for yourself and the other riders.

At any turns, make sure the person behind sees which way we have gone. Please ensure your bike is roadworthy and that you carry 2 spare inner tubes, pump and tools.  Remember to bring water, money for coffee stop and a bike lock. In accordance with good riding practice you should carry emergency contact details both on your person (card in wallet/purse, ICE on mobile) and in your bike bag.

While experienced group members will always give assistance and advice to other riders ultimately you are responsible for yourself and making your own way home.  However, no-one should be left in a situation of not knowing how to get home. An attendance sheet will be completed on the morning.  The ride is primarily for Cycling UK members though non-members are welcome to attend but would be expected to join Cycling UK after 3 rides.



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