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Bike Locking Windsor Cycle Hub
Bike Locking Windsor Cycle Hub

Bike Security Marking

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At Windsor Cycle Hub we'd like to help you hang on to your bike. So we've teamed up with Thames Valley Police to offer a bike marking package, normally worth £13, for free (but we really like donations, as we're a charity). 

We use Bike Register's non-removeable QR code stickers. These are applied to your bike, you'll upload the details via our QR Code system & then the info's passed to Bike Register. They contact you to advise your bike's on their system. You check the details & upload a photo of your bike. 

All you need do is: 1. Make a note of your bike's frame no. (it's normally stamped on the frame under the bike, on the bottom bracket between the pedal cranks). 2. Take a picture of your bike (keeping it on your phone). 3. Bring your smartphone - as you will need to upload the details yourself.

We can't promise that your bike won't be stolen, but believe that the stickers should have some deterent effect. If your bike does go, but is found (many are) there's a better chance that you'll be reunited with it. 

We'll also give you tips on how to lock a bike properly, good locks to buy & places where you really don't want to leave a bike! Finally, we'll remind everyone to lock your bikes/sheds/garages at home - an awful lot are stolen from houses in Windsor.



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