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Beat The Street Cycling
Beat The Street Cycling

Beat The Street Glasgow Canal

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Glasgow has been turned into a giant FREE game called Beat The Street - brought by Scottish Canals and Glasgow City Council.

Pick up cards and maps from local libraries, leisure centres and the Scottish Canals Office. Tap the cards on Beat Boxes in Hillhead, Maryhill and The Canal area and clock up points. There are hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers to be won by teams and individual tap prizes. There is an average points leaderboard as well as a total points leaderboard so teams don't need to be huge to do well. You can cycle, walk, scoot or roll but no driving!

It's an amazing, fun community game and will run until 12th July. Happy tapping!

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Hillhead. Maryhill, Lambhill, Canal area

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Val Caldwell Engagement Coordinator