Cycling to Work: as easy as riding a bike

A simple step-by-step guide to help you make the journey back to work by bike.

Cycling UK has partnered with CLIF® to help the nation make the post lockdown return to work by bicycle.

A study by CLIF® revealed that almost 49% of workers don’t feel comfortable with using public transport for their commutes. Traffic levels in some urban areas have already reached pre-lockdown levels and congestion continues to increase. To avoid a car-led recovery, we believe it’s important that people feel safe to be able to cycle to work and around their local area.

That’s why we have created a series of Webinar sessions to give support and advice to those wishing to pedal their way back to the office.

Delivered live by Cycling UK’s experienced instructors, the sessions will provide tips and tricks on the practicalities of cycling in an urban environment as well as fair amount of myth-busting, ensuring that by the end of the session, attendees will feel a more confident to take on the cycle to work.

Beginner Session

  • Equipment basics – what is needed and what’s not
  • Bike set up, fitting and checks
  • Basic skills – using your gears correctly, how to brake effectively
  • Road positioning
  • Communication
  • Tips & tricks

In addition to this we will provide signposting to attendees on where they can access further support and practical training sessions.

Intermediate - Advanced course

This session will cover more advanced techniques associated with cycling in urban areas:

  • Bike checks and set up
  • Multi-lane roads and junctions
  • Advanced traffic filtering
  • Roundabouts
  • Tips and Tricks

Both Webinars have been developed to allow plenty of time at the end for a Q&A session, where instructors will be able to address individual concerns and queries.

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Sessions are free and open to all. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. 

For those looking to fuel their newfound love of cycling, CLIF crafts food for performance nutrition including CLIF BAR® the plant-based energy bar made from wholesome ingredients, with Vitamin B12 contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism. All attendees will also be offered some samples to try out for themselves.


Beginner sessions
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Monday 28 September 7:30pm

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Monday 5 October 12:30pm

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Monday 5 October 7:30pm
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Monday 12 October 12:30pm
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Monday 12 October 7:30pm
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Intermediate - Advanced course
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Tuesday 29 September 7:30pm

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Tuesday 6 October 12:30pm

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Tuesday 6 October 7:30pm
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Tuesday 13 October 12:30pm
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Tuesday 13 October 7:30pm
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With a long cycling history, dating back to its founding roots, CLIF® have partnered with Cycling UK to launch a series of free virtual cycling courses for commuters nationwide.

The interactive courses aim to increase commuter confidence and offer an option for beginner or intermediate-advanced level for those who need to brush up on their skills.

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