Cycling and Public Transport

As wonderful as cycling is, it can’t always take us everywhere we need to be. At Cycling UK, we know that easily shifting between cycling and public transport is hugely important to cyclists.

Making it easier for cyclists to use public transport

Being able to pop your bike on a train, bus, tram or ferry, as well as having access to secure parking at stations, can make the difference between choosing to commute by bike, or feeling forced to use the car. In rural areas, this provision can be vital for people to get out and integrate into their community.

Cycling UK’s historic campaigning ensured that you can take your bike on the train with no charge, subject to capacity, and we continue to work closely with both individual train companies and the Government to ensure it’s as easy as possible to take your bike on the train, where space is available.

Due to the nature of the UK’s franchising system, we primarily lobby for change in this area by working directly with decision makers as opposed to running public facing campaigns, and so much of this work goes on behind the scenes, although at times we do run larger campaigns where appropriate.