IRD XC Pro Thumbshifters

IRD XC Pro Thumbshifters
Old-school thumbshifters still exist. It’s straightforward to engineer a bar-end lever to fit a bar-top mount, and several manufacturers have. IRD’s aluminium XC Pro Thumbshifters are for Shimano 9-speed.

The front is friction only, so front derailleur and chainset choice is wide open. The rear is indexed only. Since Shimano’s 9-speed road and MTB mechs use the same cable pull, that’s fine. The shifters are light (150g/pair) and durable. A hinged clamp with suitable spacers makes fitting easy, to flats or drops from 22.2-26mm diameter. Shifting is slick. I used them on a Genesis Longitude, the kind of bike they suit. UK distributor is Mine were from, who are awaiting stock.

Dan Joyce

This was first published in the June / July 2015 edition of CTC's Cycle magazine.


  • Simple and reliable
  • Widens gearing choices



  • Dearer than Rapidfire pods




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