Tyres for loaded cycle touring

Continental's Sport Contact II
Continental's Sport Contact II
I will be needing new tyres soon and would like some recommendations. They are for loaded touring, and I currently have Conti Sport Contact 700×37mm. These actually blow up to 42mm width, so size regarding brakes/frame/mudguards is not much of an issue.

dlv13, via the Cycling UK Forum

You have chosen a good tyre size but don’t state that you are dissatisfied with your current tyre choice. If not, then the new Conti Sport Contact II would make a suitable, like-for-like replacement. There’s a dozen or so models in Schwalbe’s Marathon series of touring tyres, from the performance-orientated Racer to the legendarily tough Marathon Plus. If you fancy trying something a little different, take a look at the Compass Barlow Pass; at 390g for a 700×38 tyre, it is light, very fast-rolling, and will transform the feel of a laden tourer.

Richard Hallett

Technical Editor