Review: Goodyear Eagle F1 Tubeless tyre

A section of a bike wheel showing the Goodyear Eagle F1 tyre
Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Tubeless tyre is fast and grippy, but stiff
Cycle magazine technical editor Richard Hallett tested this fast-rolling tubeless road tyre that offers something of a wooden ride

Founded by the inventor of rubber vulcanisation, Goodyear made cycle tyres as far back as 1898. The company recently re-entered this market with a range covering road, MTB, gravel and urban riding.

Available in tubeless and tubed clincher versions, the F1 is Goodyear’s standard lightweight road offering. It sits below the F1 SuperSport in the speed rankings but has the added longevity and toughness that may be expected of a heavier, more robust tyre.

The 25mm example on test weighed 280g and inflated to 24.9mm wide on a Hunt 4 Season Aero tubeless rim. The tubeless version of the tyre is offered in 25, 28, 30 and 32mm sections in both black and tan-wall finishes. The tubed version comes in the same sizes but only in 25 and 28mm in tan wall.

The tyre feels stiff out of the box, perhaps because the ‘Tubeless Complete’ carcass construction employs a “multi-compound material layer” to provide “additional air retention properties”, along with added puncture and cut protection to boot.

It also means, according to Goodyear, that more sealant remains in the tyre after installation, suggesting that the sidewalls are less porous than is the current tubeless norm, and that they are, thanks to the extra material, stiffer.

This is borne out by the ride quality, which has a dull, uncommunicative quality not necessarily reflected in the tyre’s speed. A stiff sidewall does not impede fitting; the F1 proved easy to get on the rim and snapped quickly into position when inflated.

Overnight air retention proved less impressive, perhaps because the rubber compound has a hard, waxy feel, making the bead area less effective at conforming with the rim’s mating surfaces. No amount of swilling could get the plentiful sealant in the front wheel to hold air overnight, while the rear tyre lost some 20psi over the same period but improved after riding.

No such quibbles over the Dynamic GSR Ultra High Performance tread compound, which mixes graphene and silica to good effect. While the impression of plentiful grip is subjective and can only be maximally tested at some personal risk, it’s there in spades with the F1. 

It scoots along nicely on smooth tarmac, where the stiff sidewalls and marginally undersized carcass width are of lesser impact. Indeed, the tubed clincher version, with the same tread compound and lighter, more flexible sidewalls, might be the real pick of the bunch.


A grippy and fast-running tread gives the F1 a flying start but is applied to a relatively stiff carcass that delivers a wooden, dull ride in comparison with the best of the opposition. Easy to fit, it proved less easy to seal effectively for long-term air retention.

Other options

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The top half of two road bike tyres showing the black and tan colour options

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Schwalbe Pro One TLE £73

The top half of a road bike tyre

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First published in Cycle magazine, June/July 2023 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Tech spec

Goodyear Eagle F1 Tubeless tyre

Price: £59.99

Pros & cons

+ Fast and grippy tread
– Dull ride
– Hard to seal