On my bike: Timmy Mallett

We spoke to TV presenter, artist and Cycling UK member, Timmy Mallett about life on two wheels

Why do you cycle?

Exercise, fitness and inspiration. I’m an artist, and cycling gets me to places I otherwise wouldn’t go and the opportunity to paint these places.

How far do you ride each week?

It’s not how far you go, or how fast, it’s about how much fun you have along the way!

Which of your bikes is your favourite?

My Giant Explore 1 Timmeee e-bike is brilliant. I’ve ridden over 10,000km, including the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route from home. The story is in my forthcoming book, ‘Utterly Brilliant – My Life’s Journey’, which comes out in January 2020.

What do you always take with you when cycling?

Sketchbook, set of paints, sandwich, spare tube, map, rain coat, and a sense of humour for the adventure!

Who mends your punctures?

I had only one puncture on the Camino.

It’s raining: bike, public transport, or car?

Bike. Rain is supposed to happen. It’s what makes the sunny days even more enjoyable.

Lycra or normal clothes?

Does Timmy Mallett ever wear normal clothes? I wore a tie every day as I pedalled the Camino.

If you had £100 to spend on cycling, what would you get?

Lights everywhere. The more lights you have on your bike, the more the traffic gives you a wide berth.

What’s your favourite cycle journey?

Cycling alone on the Camino, with no accommodation pre-booked, and painting the experience.

What single thing would most improve matters for UK cyclists?

More traffic-free cycle tracks. More space for bikes on trains.