On my bike: Rebecca Charlton

We spoke to presenter, journalist, and commentator, Rebecca Charlton, about her cycling habits

Why do you cycle?

It’s always been a huge part of my life. I was introduced to racing at an early age by my parents, and I was hooked.

How far do you ride each week?

During the pandemic, I’ve been on Zwift most days. When I’m on the road, it varies so much – from busy work spells when I barely ride, to putting on my ride leader’s jersey for Blood Cancer UK and riding to Paris.

Which of your bikes is your favourite?

My Hasie & the Robots custom Wyndy Milla track bike with deep-section Campag Pistas.

What do you always take with you when cycling?

Two spare tubes and a mini-pump, plus a mobile phone and ID.

Who mends your punctures?

I rarely mend tubes; I just pop a fresh one in.

It’s raining: bike, public transport or car?

If I have to be presentable at the other end, taxi. If it doesn’t matter, bike.

Lycra or normal clothes?

Lycra every time! I love wearing something fit for purpose, especially Lycra.

If you had £100 to spend on cycling, what would you get?

A good pair of bib shorts. That or a big supply of chocolate energy bars…

What’s your favourite cycle journey?

The short ride through Dulwich, south London, to get to Herne Hill velodrome.

What single thing would most improve matters for UK cyclists?

More kindness, patience, education, infrastructure and awareness. OK, that’s five things…