On my bike: Jack Thurston

We spoke to Jack Thurston, author and podcaster, about his cycling habits

Why do you cycle?

Freedom: first from parental authority, then from overcrowded buses and tube trains. Now it’s the freedom to explore.

How far do you ride each week?

I don’t count miles but I do ride every day.

Which of your bikes is your favourite?

Our Xtracycle longtail cargo bike with Bosch electric assist has enabled my family to live a nearly car-free life in rural Wales. It does shopping and school runs, days out and camping trips.

What do you always take with you when cycling?

A camera. Taking pictures encourages me stop to look around.

Who mends your punctures?


It’s raining: bike, public transport, or car?

If it’s just me, I’ll ride. If I’m with my kids I’ll put it to a vote.

Lycra or normal clothes?

Lycra for serious athletic endeavours, normal clothes for touring and daily riding.

If you had £100 to spend on cycling, what would you get?

A pump for seating tubeless tyres.

What’s your favourite cycle journey?

Riding south over Waterloo Bridge. For years it was my way home. Now there’s a segregated bike lane!

What single thing would most improve matters for UK cyclists?

Retrofitting all main roads with good quality segregated bike tracks.

Jack’s latest Lost Lanes book was reviewed in our August/September issue of Cycle magazine.