Beat the Monday blues with these inspiring reads

A round-up of the latest cycling-related reads

Need for the Bike

Paul Fournel, Pursuit Books - £9.99. ISBN: 978-1788162692

"This book aims to encapsulate our delightful passion – and does just that, covering everything from the author’s first memories of riding a bike to being inspired by the professional peloton.

"It’s a personal account of Fournel’s life of cycling, with tales including: a love-hate relationship with Ventoux; his first 100km ride, aged ten, when he became a ‘real’ cyclist; and several vivid descriptions of when it all goes wrong, whether being hit by a car door or descending too fast to retain control.

"Almost all the short tales will be identifiable to any cycling enthusiast. Of particular note is the passage on the joy of riding with friends, where his evocative description of being part of a group rings true.

"It’s well written and easy to read; the author’s background as a poet comes out in his prose. It’s been well translated from the original French, so much so you would be hardpressed to pick out any misinterpretation.

"While chapters on rouleurs and barouders touch on a personal love of professional cycling, the elements of bike-nerdiness within the writing are well balanced with storytelling in such a way that anyone can enjoy this book." - Senior engagement officer, Nik Hart

Fantastic Female Adventurers

Lily Dyu, Vertebrate Publishing - £12.99. ISBN: 978-1912560172

"Meet 14 awe-inspiring women who have undertaken challenges over land, sea and space – several of which include cycling. Compiled by a journalist, the style is accessible.

"My 7-year-old liked how each story began with the women’s childhoods and their different paths to adventure.

"A gift with lots of ‘wow!’ factor for younger readers, similar to the ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’ and ‘Fantastically Great Women’ series, but equally enjoyable for all ages." - Head of membership and individual giving, Georgina Cox

The Modern MAMIL: How to Look Pro

Chris McGuire (author) & Spencer Wilson (illustrator), Ice House Books - £9.99. ISBN: 978-1912867097

"This amusing book from Chris McGuire pokes fun at MAMILs (middle-aged men in lycra), providing all the tips required to look as pro as possible both on and off the bike.

"From shaving your legs to slamming your stem for the most aero look, this book will have you smiling wryly at every page. Most cyclists know someone who is a MAMIL, if they’re not one personally.

"With fitting illustrations from Spencer Wilson to match, this book would make a good stocking filler for any cycling enthusiast." - Membership and support care officer, Pip Munday

Mountains of Dreams

Laura Bingham (author) & Laura Wall (illustrator), Award Publications - £6.99. ISBN: 978-1782703433

"The 32-page picture book tells the story of 22-year-old British adventurer Laura Bingham, who set herself the challenge of cycling 7,000km from Ecuador to Argentina with no money.

"The book has brightly coloured illustrations and lovely touches like animals to spot on each page. My 6-yearold daughter loved this book, although I had to keep reassuring her that Laura made it home safe in the end.

"It’s a fantastic reallife story to inspire little girls (and boys)." - Web editor, Victoria Hazael