Mountain Bike Leader Logbook

Mountain Bike Leader Logbook

Record your personal and leading rides with Cycling UK's Leader Logbook. An up to date experience portfolio is vital to ensure that you are 'in current practice' and for progression to your next Cycling UK course.

As a Mountain Bike Leader you will be mountain biking both for yourself and with groups.  There are three reasons you should document your experience as you undertake these rides:

  1. You have to complete most of this work as part of the preparation for all your lead rides anyway.  For example details of the route, times and group members need to be left with a base contact.  It is simply a case of collecting that information back and putting it into a file.
  1. When you go on to a course assessment or training at a higher level, you will need to provide a logbook for the rides that you have undertaken.  Including the content of a logbook of personal and leading experience as a Mountain Bike Leader adds substantial evidence to your portfolio.
  1. Should your experience ever be called into question, for example in moving on to a new job, a voluntary role, or in the event of an accident, you have documentary evidence to support your experience.  A logbook helps to ensure that your qualifications remain valid.

You should be aware that the validity of your outdoor qualifications will be called into question where you are not able to evidence currentness and validity.  That means a substantial period (12-18 months or more) of not leading groups or being personally active in the activity may render your application of your qualifications invalid and you, 'out of practice'.


Logbook Content

Your logbook should be split into two areas:

  1. Personal experience gained through mountain bike rides on your own, and/or with friends or colleagues.
  2. Leading experience gained through being formally in charge of a group when mountain biking.  You may or may not be paid for this work (it doesn’t matter in terms of your logbook), but you will have responsibility for the preparation, implementation and follow up of these rides.


Notes on map use and reproduction:

Under Ordnance Survey license guidelines, you can reproduce single copies of maps for personal use up to A4 size.  This applies whether you are printing from an electronic map, or photocopying a paper map.

Your logbook should not require you to operate beyond these restrictions.  For clarification, please consult Ordnance Survey directly.


Download your logbook

Your logbook is available to download at the icon below.  The ride history sections on pages 5 and 7 are also available in the Leader Logbook Ride History document which can be printed out and completed, or used electronically.