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The COP26 global climate summit is a great opportunity to tell our national and local governments that cycling fights climate change - if they're willing to invest and deliver to ensure cycling is accessible to all.

By organising a “pedal on COP” feeder ride as part of the Global Day of Action on 6 November, you can help send a message to politicians that urgent action is needed to enable more people to cycle. 

To help, we are offering all registered rides special events insurance cover (details of cover can be found below).

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Free public liability insurance cover.


Before organising any event, please check it has been accurately registered with Cycling UK and is valid for the cover you have requested. Insurance details can be found on the COP26 Feeder Ride insurance page.

COP26 Feeder Ride Insurance


If you have any queries or need further information about Cycling UK’s COP26 activities, visit our COP26 landing page, then simply get in touch with the campaigns team.

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