Jasuben's story - Learning to ride at 65

A group cycling session in action
Jasuben had been wanting to join her husband on family rides for many years but had never had the opportunity to learn to cycle until she heard of some adult cycle sessions run through Cycling UK's Cycle Champions project in Leicester. Now, she's not only cycling but she's gained lots of confidence, too.

Jasuben heard about the cycle training course via Sanskar Radio and her immediate thought was to have a go. She said: "I’ve been wanting to cycle for years and never got around to it. I've also never had this kind of facility before. My husband always pushed me to ride because whenever we go on holiday we can’t hire bikes."

I’ve gained a lot of confidence and am over the moon about it

Jasuben, learner cyclist in Leicester

Jasuben has made a great deal of progress: she can now ride a bike and has plans to explore the countryside when she feels she’s gained enough confidence.

Learning to ride has impacted Jasuben in other ways too. She has enjoyed meeting people and feels good about herself. Increasing in confidence is something that is very important for Jasuben after a traumatic experience left her feeling shaken.

Jasuben feels cycling has impacted her health in a positive way she explains: "My health is better, I feel fitter."  The freedom of being on a bike and outdoors in fresh air has made her look forward to riding with her husband. 

Cycle training sessions in Leicester are provided through Cycling UK's Cycle Champions project, which is coordinated by Cycling UK's Cycling Development Officer, Elizabeth Barner. Cycle Champions in Leicester is a partnership between Cycling UK and Leicester City Council and is funded through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Case study by volunteer Maryam Amatullah.