Cycling back to health after a stroke

Ken Robinson on his low rider
After suffering from a stroke, Ken Robinson has rekindled his passion for cycling and - with some help and support from Cycling UK Development Officer in Sheffield Steve Marsden - he's pedalling once more.

Just before Christmas 2011 Ken Robinson from Rotherham had a stroke. It completely changed his life and the lives of others around him. He had cycled most of his life and he felt that he would never be able to ride again.

The Stroke Unit at the hospital recommended Cycling UK's All-Ability Cycling Project at Hillsborough Park in Sheffield. Ken then contacted Cycling UK Development Officer in Sheffield at the time Steve Marsden, and realised with some help and support he could cycle again.

Ken came over to the project to have a go on a trike, he wasn't too sure that he would be able to ride. Emotions were running high and after a few minutes he had managed to turn the pedals and both Steve and Ken had big smiles on their faces.

It is all down to the project at Hillsborough Park and the help of Steve Marsden from Cycling UK, who made it all possible. I am now riding my own trike and look forward to riding at Hillsborough Park in the spring with other people.

Ken Robinson, Cycling UK member   

Steve Marsden said: "After our first session, I arranged to meet up with Ken a few weeks later to get him cycling again. Soon he was cycling short distances and now he has now ridden over 100 miles on his adapted trike. Ken now has more mobility in his legs, he is a much happier person and he is getting stronger by the day."

Ken has managed to buy his own bike from Recycle Bikes who had a Di Blasi folding trike in the right size for Ken.