Too Close For Comfort

Too Close For Comfort

Ever feel overtaking cars are too close for comfort?

For the 2 million people who cycle every day, close passes are an almost daily occurrence. Close passes are really intimidating and account for around a third of all threatening incidents between drivers and cyclists. But there’s a simple way to stop this happening.  

Last September, West Midlands Police sent plain clothed officers on bikes to educate drivers who overtook cyclists too closely. Those people who drove too close to the officers were pulled over, and through the use of a safe pass mat, officers demonstrated to them what they had done wrong. In the worst cases, drivers were reported for careless driving.

Incredibly, driving behaviour in the local area changed overnight, with a 50 per cent reduction of reported close pass offences in less than three months.

Thanks to West Midlands Police, other forces around the UK want to do the same. But after years of Government cost cutting – they need our help! West Midlands Police say there should be no excuse for driving too close to vulnerable road users.    

At Cycling UK, we say there should be no excuse for the police to ignore this illegal driving behaviour.  

Every single police force in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland needs a safe pass mat like this. By bulk buying, we can cut costs and help police keep our roads safe.  

That’s why we have raised over £14k with the help of cyclists across the UK, and in turn help our forces. With these mats we will make sure every police force can educate drivers how to overtake vulnerable road users safely, just like West Midlands Police.   

It will help make cycling safer, not just for you, but your family, friends and everyone else.

A massive thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible!