Fill That Hole

Potholes are a major danger to cyclists throughout the UK. Cycling UK helps get potholes fixed via Fill That Hole, a website which allows users to easily report road defects to the relevant highway authority
The pothole (c) Dave Walker

Cyclists suffer disproportionately from damaged road surfaces and up to 15% of cyclists injured in crashes dealt with by Cycling UK’s legal services team occur due to road defects.

We know that at least 255 people have been seriously injured or killed due to road defects in the last seven years, but the real number of injuries is likely far higher given these figures only include reports which reach the police.

Potholes aren’t a minor inconvenience: they’re a serious safety risk.

Fill That Hole allows you to report potholes as well as other problems that could pose a risk when you're cycling, such as broken traffic lights, incorrect or damaged signage, or debris on the road.

Reports via the website go directly to the relevant highway authority, which has a legal responsibility to check and repair where necessary.

The updated Fill That Hole tool was made possible by funding and support from law firm Fletchers Cycle SOS.

The history of Fill That Hole

For decades, Cycling UK (then known as the Cyclists’ Touring Club; CTC) provided members with ‘pothole cards’ which allowed them to send details of potholes or other road defects to the relevant highway authority. Highway authorities welcome pothole reports from the public; although they remain ultimately responsible for inspecting and maintaining the road network.

In 2007 CTC launched a website which replaced the pothole cards with a simple interface which allowed road users to email in reports to local highway authorities. Since its launch more than 200,000 road defects have been reported, over 20,000 of which have since been recorded as fixed.

Cycling UK urges all members to report potholes wherever they find them – particularly where the poor conditions represent a serious risk to cyclists.