Working together to build happier, healthier and greener lives through cycling

By Sarah Mitchell, CEO, Cycling UK

This week we launched our new strategy. It felt like a huge moment for Cycling UK – it’s the culmination of more than eighteen months of hard work by our trustees, staff, members, volunteers, partners and stakeholders.

We know that cycling has vast potential to improve people’s health and wellbeing, tackle climate change and bring joy and connection to communities across the UK. That’s why our new strategic vision emphasises the benefits of cycling - to create happier, healthier and greener lives through cycling.

To ensure we realise this ambitious vision, we’ve set out five new strategic objectives:

  1. Improve perceptions of cycling so that everyone sees the benefits
  2. Boost the number and diversity of people who cycle
  3. Make cycling an even more positive experience
  4. Increase transport choice by enabling and encouraging more people to cycle local journeys .
  5. Achieve greater impact by becoming the best possible charity we can be

It’s an exciting plan, focusing on many of the core issues that we know people care about – from making our roads safer to securing increased funding for cycling infrastructure.

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We want to ensure that every cycling experience is a positive one.

Our strategy aims to ensure that Cycling UK will be relevant and thrive in a rapidly changing external environment. We will continue to enable and inspire people of all backgrounds and abilities to experience cycling’s joys and benefits through our groundbreaking behaviour change work.

We will speak up for all who cycle to make sure it’s a safe and easy choice for everyone to travel, explore and have fun.

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A cornerstone of our new strategy is to build strong public support for cycling and challenge negative perceptions.

At Cycling UK, we really believe that challenging the negative perceptions of cycling is essential to making the UK a better place for everyone; because cycling is good for all of us – whether we cycle ourselves or not.

Building positive public perceptions of cycling is key to ensuring that policy commitments to cycling are delivered on, and to ensuring that our roads are safer for all of us.

We’re really excited about what the future holds for Cycling UK and are primed to write the next chapter in our organisation’s long and proud history.

But – and I can’t stress this enough – we can’t do it alone.

So if you share our vision for happier, healthier and greener lives through cycling, let’s explore how we can realise this vision together. 

Read the new strategy