Vote Bike: English and Welsh councils

On 04 May, local council elections will take place across Britain. Cycling UK have teamed up with Democracy Club to get candidates signed up to support #Space4Cycling!

Full local council elections will take place across Wales, Scotland and the English shire counties on 04 May. 

In Scotland, the Walk Cycle Vote coalition, of which Cycling UK are a leading member, are campaigning for candidates to sign up to a set of three asks

In England and Wales, Cycling UK have teamed up with Democracy Club to try to get as many candidates to support #Space4Cycling as possible.

To do this, we need something very basic - email addresses! Unfortunately these are not made public, so we need your help to track as many down as possible!

Every candidate we get contact details for will receive an email from our President, Channel 4 newscaster Jon Snow, asking them to support the three-step process outlined by our Space for Cycling campaign. You can of course use the data we collect to contact them yourselves too and send them our short questionnaire, asking them to support Space for Cycling. 

So please do help us! It's not as tough as it sounds. Here are some pointers: 

  • Pick an area to look for candidates in and try to complete it. 
  • Start with a simple Google search, trying terms like "[county name] [party name] candidates" "[ward name] [party name] candidates", or variations using similar terms. 
  • Try terms that will be used in local media like "fighting election against", "[party name] candidate selected in [area name]"
  • Scour local media for information on the elections
  • Social media - particularly Twitter - can be a good source of information about local elections
  • Get in contact with local party branches and ask if they will give you contact details of their candidates
  • One you have contact details, upload them to
  • Once you have email addresses, candidates to sign-up to our asks using the email address (or Twitter!), by sending them this questionnaire:

See which candidates support the campaign so far!

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