Scotland’s transport projects of the future – a guide to the STPR2

The Scottish Government is developing major projects to transform how we travel in Scotland over the next 20 years. Cycling UK’s campaigns and policy manager in Scotland, Jim Densham, explains how you can use our downloadable guide to help you have your say

A quiet revolution is taking shape in Scotland’s transport sector.

The Scottish Government continues to publish strategies focussed on decarbonising transport and reducing the impact our travel choices have on the climate.

The latest is the draft Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) which will inform transport investment in Scotland for the next 20 years (2022-2042).

STPR2 is a shortlist of major transport projects which government will fund in the coming years to meet the aims of the National Transport Strategy.

The previous STPR edition in 2008 focussed on improving connections between Scotland’s cities, such as major road building schemes, and the Queensferry bridge.

STPR1 was criticised for locking in high carbon transport spending and behaviours for decades to come.

We are still feeling the ripples of those commitments as the A9 dualling continues despite growing urgency to tackle climate change.

In contrast STPR2 is heavily focussed on spending towards sustainable transport options and changing travel behaviours.

This is a positive shift, even though STPR2 isn’t perfect and details of the proposed projects are still sketchy.

It’s very important that we support the positive aspects of STPR2, especially the sections focussed on cycling

Jim Densham, Cycling UK's campaigns and policy manager in Scotland

Have your say

Transport Scotland is now seeking your opinions on its approach to STPR2 and the 38 recommendations for projects for the next 20 years.

It’s very important that we support the positive aspects of STPR2, especially the sections focussed on cycling.

The 'Improving Active Travel Infrastructure' and 'Influencing Travel Choices and Behaviours' sections include key priorities which can help to boost cycling.

Cycling UK have prepared a guide responding to the consultation and provided suggested answers to some of the questions in the survey.

There’s no need to respond to all the questions if you don’t want to but we urge you to consider answering questions 10-17.

The consultation closes on 15 April.


A guide to responding to the STPR2 consultation

Local cycling revolutions

Whilst this is a national strategy, most of the active travel projects will need to be delivered at the local level by councils across Scotland.

We therefore need political parties, councils and councillors to get on board and enable the local cycling revolution in their areas.

It is time for councils to step up, be bold, carefully plan and speedily deliver the high-quality safe cycling infrastructure needed to enable everyone to cycle.

Ahead of the local elections across Scotland in May please show your support for our manifesto by signing our campaign petition and showing politicians that this matters to you.


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