National campaign conference comes to St Albans

Come to the Cycling UK - Cyclenation campaigner conference in St Albans!
The annual Cycling UK – Cyclenation Campaigners Conference this year is held in St Albans on Saturday 19 November, and with its jam packed agenda it shouldn’t be missed.

Whether you’re a full-blooded cycle campaigner or simply toying with the idea of getting more involved and making a difference, this year’s conference has something for you - so book now!

Heading south after last year’s conference in Liverpool, which was hosted by the Merseyside Cycle Campaign, this year St Albans Cycle Campaign are welcoming campaigners across the UK, to meet, discuss and share tactics and best practice. 

It’s one of the most comprehensive conferences for cycle campaigning that Cycling UK and Cyclenation have hosted to date, with a stellar line up of speakers including transport planners, local and national Government, academics and of course cycle campaigners themselves.

This conference will provide plenty of useful ideas, information and inspiration to help experienced campaigners and newcomers alike to get things moving locally.”

Roger Geffen MBE, Cycling UK's Policy Director

One of the headline billings is Phil Jones who will be leading multiple sessions throughout the day on Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs). LCWIPs are one of the most important local aspects of the delayed Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS), and will essentially plot your local network of cycling and walking provision. In the absence of any new earmarked Government funding, local authorities are going to need their LCWIPs to be based on the best possible evidence, as well as demonstrable public support, if they are to secure funding (e.g. from Local Enterprise Partnerships and elsewhere).

With this in mind, there will doubtless be a lot of interest in learning about the Propensity to Cycle Tool. This can be used by local campaigners and councils alike to help plan and prioritise investment in local cycle networks. Local campaigners can use this information to draw up tub-map-style network plans  - as the Bristol Cycling Campaign did in a successful bid to garner local political support. Meanwhile councils themselves can use it as an evidence-base to support their funding proposals.

It’s not all about creating Space for Cycling though. Prof Martin Williams's workshop on air quality is sure to be of interest following ClientEarth’s recent High Court victory over the Government's failure to tackle illegally dangerous pollution levels. Cycling UK’s Senior Road Safety and Legal Campaigns Officer, Duncan Dollimore, will also be delivering a session on making sure cycling and cyclists are not ignored by the courts or police via our Road Justice campaign

Speaking on the breadth of what the conference can offer, Policy Director, Roger Geffen MBE said, “While the Government delays decisions on its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, we’re getting on with developing our Space for Cycling campaign, to facilitate good dialogue between local cycling advocates and councils work on drawing up and prioritising cycle network plans and schemes. This conference will provide plenty of useful ideas, information, and inspiration to help experienced campaigners and newcomers alike to get things moving locally.”

There’s also a special offer for Cycling UK members and supporters, who can enjoy a £5 off the £15 attendance fee, and only have to pay £10 if they use the discount code “CyclingUK" when booking places. 

We hope to see you there. However if you find St Albans too far to travel, our Space for Cycling roadshow could be coming to a town near you!