Video: watch Space for Inclusive Cycling in Bradford

Space 4 Handcycling
On a cold winter's day in early February, inspired by CTC's Space for Cycling Campaign, Bradford Cycling 4 All headed out on to the city's roads to show just how much space other road users should be giving cyclists, especially users of adapted bikes who can be easily missed.

Bradford Cycling 4 All are an inclusive cycling group in West Yorkshire. Inspired by pictures of a similar stunt in Riga, the group fitted their bikes with cages custom made by a local artist - a colourful, physical reminder to fellow road users of the space cyclists need - and they headed out on to the streets of Bradford.

Adam Tasker, the group's leader explained: "Having ridden adapted bikes on the streets of Bradford I'm concerned about visibility and vulnerability when cycling. Having your head near a car bumper is not a nice experience." 

Adam continued: "The idea was proposed to us by Tim Curtis, a Bradford based artist with a strong interest in community based collaboration in the region. He also happens to be a volunteer at our cycling sessions. We were discussing some of the issues we might face this coming summer, we're doing a coast to coast and a LEJOG, and some of our cyclists with disabilities have never ridden on the road before. He suggested we make a video to highlight the space needed to cycle, especially if you have additional need and may be less visible. Tim drove the project forward, and we collaborated to help make it happen."

Adam added that the group wanted to highlight CTC's Space for Cycling Campaign, and whilst the campaign is more about infrastructure, rather than driver behaviour, he feels there's a strong link between the two that needs to be considered if we're to ever have harmony between drivers and cyclists.

The group produced a fantastic little video of their experience, so grab yourself a cup of tea and spend an inspirational 5 minutes in their company.