Five things to check out at the Cycle Show 2019

Want to know about the latest bikes, kit and tech for 2020? On trade day, Cycle magazine editor Dan Joyce had a good look round at the Cycle Show at the Birmingham NEC. Here are the top five things that caught his eye.

Cycle of Good

Our Cycle magazine readers have frequently written in to ask ‘where can I recycle my old inner tubes?’, well here’s the answer. Send them into Cycle of Good and they’ll be repurposed into belts and saddlebags, wallets and rucksacks. Plus, all the money made goes to pay for childcare and non-profit enterprise in Malawi.Cycle of Good is also home to the famous ‘buy one, give one’ Elephant Bike. Upcycled from ex-Post Office bikes you can get one for just £280 and another will be sent to Malawi.

We love the Cycle of Good initiative which has seen over 17,000 bikes shipped to Malawi since 2008. Make sure you go and check them out.

What: Cycle of Good

Stand: 2-J54​

Prices: Various - £5 keyring, £15 saddlebag, £280 Elephant Bike


After conducting extensive research, Shand are branching out from their signature high-end bikes to create a more accessibly priced commuter bike. The Leveret, named after Shand’s spirit animal, will be available in Spring 2020 with a limited production of only 100.

What: Shand – Leveret

Stand: 2-C52

Prices: £1,895


The Dry Cycle 

The Dry Cycle is an electrical assisted pedal cycle with a car-like canopy over the top. With a comfy padded seat and four wheels this cycle even has the power to reverse. It’s also fully road legal down to the visible pedal reflectors.

With the first batch ready for the end of the year, could this be the vehicle of the future? You can have a go yourself in the Bafang Commuter Track.

What: Dry Cycle – electrical assisted pedal cycle

Stand: 3-D80​

Prices: £14,995


J. Laverack

The J.ACK is described as an all road bike and is J.Laverack’s best-selling model.

Their brief was to create an all-season titanium road frame that will also tackle cobbles, gravel and asphalt with the same agility, comfort and style.

We loved the internal routed dynamo lights and that no two bikes – each fully customised – will ever be quite the same.

What: J.Laverack – J.ACK

Stand: 3-G22​

Prices: Varies depending on exact specifications (£6,500 with dynamo lights)


Hope - Dual brake lever

Launched last week, the dual brake lever is our top pick at the Cycle Show. Consisting of two levers and two pistons that are contained within one unit, the dual lever allows someone who has the use of only one hand to operate the front and rear brakes independently.

Currently in production, look out for this being available to purchase in a couple of months. Find a list of retail stores that carry Hope bike parts from their website.

What: Hope – Dual brake lever

Stand: 2-G50

Prices: £350 (available in a couple of months)


Cycling UK at The Cycle Show 

Don’t forget to visit the Cycling UK stand 3-J20 to find out about the teaching the Dutch Reach, the Great North Trail, Women’s Festival of Cycling and all the other things we’re doing to get people cycling.

Friday 13 September at 13:15

Come to the V12 Finance Main Stage to listen to a talk with Cycling UK’s Duncan Dollimore about Teaching the Dutch Reach.

Saturday 14 September at 10:50

Find out how we’re Breaking Barriers, and increasing women cycling at the Komoot cycling advice stage with a panel discussion featuring some of our 100 Women in Cycling.

Saturday 14 September at 15:30

Off Road Cycling - Introducing the Great North Trail, with Anna Glowinski and our Head of Campaigns, Duncan Dollimore.