Which car ads show breaches of the Highway Code?

A car ad involving driving around with flares was accepted by the ASA
The ASA ruling that outlaws cyclists not wearing helmets and riding outside 'secondary position' is a very hazy interpretation of the Highway Code and cycle training expertise. If you've got examples of car ads that show Highway Code infringements by drivers, let us know and we'll collect them here.

We've already collected many examples of adverts that show cycling to be normal and aspirational, yet would fall foul of the ASA's latest ruling.

To help further Cycling Scotland's appeal, we'd also like to point to the many adverts for cars that show flagrant breaches of the Highway Code.

So let's get started

In a recent Vauxhall Corsa advert, with the strapline "put the fun into driving" (driving kills or injures upwards of 220,000 people a year in the UK), car occupants are seen holding flares out of the window and appear to be drag racing at high speeds down empty streets.

Complaints were made to the ASA on the obvious grounds that this was dangerous - or at the very least careless - driving, but the ASA let off General Motors on the basis that the ad was not linked to the real world. 

The ASA has also in the past excused Volvo for an online ad for one of their cars that suggested that someone was talking on their mobile phone while driving, but the additional safety features of the car kept "another eye on the road". 

This Jaguar ad shows excessive speed and parking which clearly breaches Rule 242 of the Highway Code and committing an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988, s22 (leaving a vehicle in a dangerous location).

Duncan Kay has below suggested this advert for Mini which shows someone imagining recreating the Italian Job (except this time in Milan rather than Turin).

If you have any other ads please let us know below or on Twitter or Facebook.