CTC's Top 10 for Number 10 to Get Britain Cycling

Will No 10 find the funding to make Cycletopia a reality?
With a government announcement on cycling reportedly imminent, here are CTC's priorities for what we'd like it to say.

A month ago The Times reported that an announcement on cycling from Number 10 was expected "early in August".

Over the last two years, pressure from the Times, from CTC and other cycling groups, from a previous debate in Parliament and from the Get Britain Cycling inquiry and report, have all set out recommendations for Government action.

The Government has yet to respond formally to the 'Get Britain Cycling' report, but an announcement on the Cycle City Ambition grant and Linking Communities grant in National Parks is anticipated very soon.

CTC's top 10 priorities

If CTC was drafting Number 10’s announcement, here are our top 10 policy calls, summarising many of the points raised in 'Get Britain Cycling', and our own vision on what is needed to create Cycletopia:

1. A cross-Government action plan to reach 10% of trips by 2025, rising to 25% by 2050.

2. Resources committed to cycling at £10 per person, per year.

3. Better guidance for local authorities to reduce speed limits and provide dedicated space for cyclists on main roads and junctions.

4. Requirement to ‘cycle-proof’ all new roads and major transport projects, with funding to improve existing infrastructure.

5. Raise driving standards through improved driver training backed by awareness and enforcement campaigns.

6. A wholesale review of traffic laws and sentencing, so that dangerous drivers are properly brought to justice.

7. Restrictions to lorry movements in city centres at peak hours, and improved lorry design to reduce cycle/lorry collisions.

8. Rail operators to expand cycle parking at stations and improve cycle carriage on trains.

9. Cycle training in the national curriculum, so that all children receive Bikeability.

10. Promote cycling positively for all, e.g. in schools and workplaces, for health patients and disadvantaged groups.

Whenever the announcement is made, CTC will be comparing it with our priorities. This is a rare moment for cycling – the political tailwind is with us, it's now time to make progress.