Bike Club Central Update

Young people catching the cycling bug
Bike Club Central has been getting its name out there across Fife, Falkirk, Stirling and Clacks, making some really good connections and partnerships. And riding bikes!

It has been a busy few months since starting in October, so it’s a good time for a Bike Club Central update.

In December, I attended Cycling Scotland’s four-day Cycle Trainer Course. The course looks at delivering the Bikeability scheme, which provides the skills and confidence needed for children to ride safely on the roads – something that we hope the project’s Young Leaders will help to deliver.

In January, Bryan (Bike Club Development Officer in Glasgow) and I visited HMYOI Polmont in Falkirk, to see the amazing work that is done by Colin Geddes and his colleagues. They deliver bike maintenance training and qualifications to the young offenders, providing valuable life experience and transferrable skills.

I am also pleased to say we are now working in partnership with another excellent project called Blazing Saddles, which provides access and training for all ability cycling. They are setting up hubs across Scotland, and we are excited to be involved in the latest venture in the Stirling area, providing support and training for young people who would like to access the superb facility.

As well as this, after several meetings at the turn of the New Year, I am pleased to welcome five young people onto the project, who will be developing their skills on and off the bike, and encouraging more cycling in their local communities. We are planning our first group ride in the next week or so to kick things off.

I have also been out on the bike with young people in Fife, looking at the benefits and challenges of cycling. We made the most of the good weather and spent the day riding the trails and honing some skills. Hopefully there'll be another day like this soon!