New Peer Mentors at Bike Club Glasgow

Abdi Ibrahim is a new Peer Mentor for Bike Club in Glasgow
Bryan Jardine, the Bike Club Officer in Glasgow is busy training young people to become Peer Mentors and pass on their passion for cycling.

Bike Club in Glasgow is now in phase 3 of the project and we are now working to build a team of Bike Club peer mentors. Our goal is to recruit and train 15 young volunteers aged 16-24. Each peer mentor will establish and lead a new sustainable Bike Club cycling group based in their local community project or youth group. They will have the support of staff and volunteers at the place where the project is based and on-going support from the Bike Club team in Scotland.

The training will help the peer mentors meet goals identified by themselves, develop leadership and mentoring skills and learn everything they need to know to start and run a sustainable cycling group, from cycling tips and bike maintenance to route planning and first aid.

In October, Abdi Ibrahim began his training and is one of our first four peer mentors.

Abdi grew up in Somalia and moved to Scotland when he was 10. He loves cycling and wants to help as many people as possible to learn to ride. He said: “I was always interested in cycling but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to do it, as I didn't have the teacher to teach me all the tips and tricks needed to cycle safely, so I want to be able to give that opportunity to others to be safe on the road.

When I was told about Bike Club and what they do and how they teach I became more interested. Cycling is one of the healthiest transportation out there, not only does it improve your fitness, but it saves you money to so I want to able to get people cycling."

Abdi Ibrahim 
Bike Club volunteer

“Although my bike skills are not as good as I’d like them to be, it is one of my favourite hobbies. Ideally I would love to go on to different bike activities. Working with little ones will enhance my experience. In the future I would love to do something like bike club or bike trainer.”

Since taking up post as Bike Club Development Officer for Glasgow in July, I have met with existing Bike Club groups to find out how they were getting on and what help they need. I have also met with potential partners who are able to offer training, venues or bike hire for the Bike Clubs. Recently I attended the launch of the Glasgow Cycle Aware Campaign at George Square to fly the flag for CTC.

In order to recruit volunteer peer mentors I am regularly meeting with new community and youth groups who have no current cycle programmes but are interested in developing a Bike Club project. So far we have 13 potential new peer mentors, 4 of whom have already participated in training.

Bryan Jardine is the Bike Club Development Officer for Glasgow.  

Bike Club a partnership between CTC and Youth Scotland and is funded by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government.