Nighat Ahmed

Community champion

Nighat Ahmed

Health and wellbeing coach and ride leader

When health and wellbeing coach Nighat was offered the chance to run a bike group she jumped at the opportunity. Leading This Girl Can cycle and trike rides she consistently encourages and inspires the women who take part in her rides.

Nighat Ahmed said…

"I have been working as a health and wellbeing coach with Zest in Sheffield for five years. I work with people with long-term health conditions who want to make lifestyle changes. By delivering the role I found more and more women who were excited about trying a regular fun physical activity – so delivering the cycling group fitted nicely.

"I’m working on getting women active from all communities – women who would not normally have this opportunity. 

When the opportunity at work came along to run a bike group and train as a Breeze champion I thought, 'Yes – yippee!'

Nighat Ahmed

"I first learned to ride a bike at the age of eight and I loved it! My cousin taught me to ride on the streets near my school. When the opportunity at work came along to run a bike group and train as a Breeze champion I thought, 'Yes – yippee!' and basically it started from there – a new journey in my life. 

"I never owned a bike myself until I was 42. Our group cycles around the local park and now I have set myself the challenge of cycling to and from work as well.

"Our group is a women-only group and is attended by women from different backgrounds and life experiences – but they have all learned to love to ride a bike.

"A new lady attended the group last week for the first time. She is 66 years old and has never ridden a bike. She was determined to succeed and said, 'I am going to ride this bike today'. She did it! Tom (the Cycle 4 All leader) and I were thrilled. Now the lady wants to go on and join other physical activity groups with Zest."

Nominated by…

Nighat was nominated for the 100 Women in Cycling by Rosemary Hill, who said:

"Nighat is calm and has a relaxed manner. She makes the people in her cycling group feel relaxed too. A lot of the group have long-term health conditions. It is a big deal that they are out and taking the time for themselves. She encourages and supports people in making the first pedal towards a healthier lifestyle."