Mahnoor Sultan Campbell

Community champion

Mahnoor Sultan Campbell

Cycle trainer and ride leader for Muslim women in Glasgow

Learning to ride at 40, Mahnoor enjoyed off-road cycle rides with family and friends and taught friends’ children to cycle. After her first cycling tour she was hooked. She remains a source of information and support in her community for all things cycling.

Mahnoor said...

“I took a job promoting green transport and supported predominantly Muslim women and children to overcome barriers to cycling. I became a ride leader and a cycle trainer in the space of a year. The more I did, the more passionate I became. I even started commuting to work by bike and my life completely changed."

Nominated by...

Mahnoor Sultan Campbell was nominated for the 100 Women in Cycling by Rehana Saleem, who said: "Mahnoor taught me how to ride when I was in my 40s. She always encouraged me to push myself and not give up even though at times I wanted to. Nowadays she’s encouraged a group of us (including herself) to ride 300 miles to raise money for cancer research. She’s an inspiration to us all."  

Salma Din also nominated her and said: "Mahnoor is the first hijabi Muslim woman I ever saw on a bike and I thought to myself, 'if she can do it, so can I.' She not only showed me what was possible but she taught me, encouraged me and pushed me to literally and metaphorically get on my bike!

She is out in all weathers and motivates us all to get out there, guiding us and telling us all about new and exciting routes she's just discovered. She helps with every kind of bike emergency and is the font of all knowledge and wisdom on all things cycling.

"She's always ready to help. Cycling seems to run through her blood and she's infused every single one of us with her infectious passion. I want to be like her!"