Katie Butler

Cycle influencer

Katie Butler

Cycling influencer and YouTube vlogger

Cycling was something Katie started whilst travelling abroad. At the time she was around 100kg and struggling with fitness but started to commute to work then joined club rides as her fitness grew and weight dropped. Katie documents her relatable journey via YouTube, including the ups and downs, with the hope of showing it’s possible for anyone to start cycling and improve their fitness. She now regularly tackles mountain endurance rides and organises women's Zwift rides. 

Katie Butler said...

"Cycling was something I took up while I was travelling abroad. I bought my first road bike in Australia and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. At the time I was around 100kg and not the fittest of my life, despite running a fair bit. But from then on I used to bike to explore, and took it across South East Asia and then on the plane back to the UK. I started to commute to work, go on club rides and as my fitness grew, my weight dropped.

"From the start I documented my journey on my YouTube channel and it has shown how I have become the fittest I’ve ever been – and dropped around 35kg in the process. I don’t ever say this to brag, but to show that it’s possible for anyone to start cycling and improve their fitness. I was always the one at the back of club rides and the last up the climb, but now I love endurance rides in the mountains / hills or anything with an incline.

"I’m also so fortunate that cycling and creating videos around my adventures is how I now make a living. I’m incredibly lucky and always so grateful for that day I got on my first road bike."

Nominated by...

Katie Butler was nominated for the 100 Women in Cycling by Bob Tavener, who said:

"Katie came to cycling to help her lose weight and clear her mind and has since told her story through her you tube videos where she relates her cycling experiences, warts and all, so that any cyclist can relate to her ups and downs, because we’ve all been there. Katie inspires us all but especially women and has created women’s rides on Zwift and hopes to have live rides, for all, once we are able to ride in groups again. A truly inspirational cyclist who continues to be a ‘go too’ for all in the cycling fraternity, a great ambassador for our hobby at so many different levels."

A truly inspirational cyclist who continues to be a ‘go too’ for all in the cycling fraternity, a great ambassador for our hobby at so many different levels

Bob Tavener

Sarah Peters also nominated Katie and said: "Katie is a down-to-earth lass, who says it how it is, really encourages women and men to give cycling a go because she loves it. Her passion for all things cycling comes across and has inspired a number of me and my friends to try different forms of cycling, join her on Zwift and have learnt some top tips. She has a great story on how she got into cycling and her own battles with weight and food which she tells honestly. Her honesty and down to earth nature is refreshing but most of all her passion for all things cycling is inspirational."