Julie Rand

Community champion

Julie Rand

Founder of 100 Women in Cycling. Dedicated cycling champion

Julie has worked within the industry for nearly 20 years and has been an avid cycling enthusiast and activist, working hard to encourage others to change their habits, give cycling a go and find the fun and enjoyment in riding. 

Julie spends all her working hours writing, talking and developing cycling, and she uses the remaining hours cycle commuting, running rides, supporting events and encouraging friends, family and strangers to cycle in her local community. 
Within her Cycling UK role, she has made a massive impact in our processes and ways of working towards getting more people cycling. 

She is a highly articulate woman who can bring a story to life while still ensuring the messaging is clear and concise. Alongside this she has an open and creative mindset that has brought successful pieces of work to life such as the Women’s Festival of Cycling and our Going the Extra Mile rewards and recognition program. 
Julie has numerous stories where she has given her precious time to individuals to encourage them to cycle, building their confidence and embedding cycling within their daily lives.  
Cycling is embedded into Julie’s daily life; she has created a family of cycling friends and colleagues and has normalised cycling for both her and those around her. 

Nominated by…

Julie Rand was nominated for the 100 Women in Cycling by Cycling UK's head of volunteering, Alex Cuppleditch, who said:  

“Julie Rand is hard-working, passionate and dedicated to the cause of going the extra mile in cycling. 

She always ensures the benefits of cycling and our fabulous volunteers are at the forefront of it all

Alex Cuppleditch

“This definitely comes out in her work and when you read her stories, she always ensures the benefits of cycling and our fabulous volunteers are at the forefront of it all. 

“She is humble in her achievements and this why I feel this award is so important and deserving.

“Cycling is in the core of her soul and for that it should be rewarded.”