Isobel Stoddart

Industry mogul

Isobel Stoddart

Partnerships manager at Bikeability

Isobel has an incredible history in cycling, both professionally and personally. From sponsored events riding across Mongolia to riding from Inverness to Dover, Isobel has many riding experiences. Professionally she has worked with Sustrans, Transport for London, and The Association of Bikeability Schemes on an array of projects. 

Isobel Stoddart said…

"In 1992 I did a sponsored bike ride across Mongolia for Sustrans. John Grimshaw then invited me to organise a 29 day trail-blazing bike ride from Inverness to Dover to promote Sustrans Millennium Commission bid to fund a National Cycle Network. In 1996 I organised a second ride for Sustrans – from Belfast to Land’s End. I continued working at Sustrans for eight years as South East, then London Regional Manager and in 2000 ran their Millennium Cycling Festival. 

"I worked in Transport for London's Tour de France London 2007 team on a community cycling programme. At Limelight Sports I managed National Bike Week, established the London Freewheel – a mass participation bike ride, then set up the first national Sky Ride series. 

"I managed a research programme for Cycling England into workplace, bike and ride, and leisure cycling solutions. 

"In 2011, three of us set up a series of Electric Bicycle Networks around the UK. In 2014 I coordinated The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS) and in 2018 I joined the Bikeability Trust, as Director of PR and Comms. 

"Since 2011 I have consulted on various cycling issues including: behaviour change research, e-bike development, cycle and public transport integration, all-ability access, shared bike schemes, cycle tourism marketing/development, workplace cycle challenges, visitor travel, etc. 

My motivation to continue working on cycling programmes for almost 30 years has been a firm belief in the significant and diverse benefits that cycling brings, including individual’s mental and physical health, improved safety on the streets...and in particular the broad environmental benefits

Isobel Stoddart

"My motivation to continue working on cycling programmes for almost 30 years has been a firm belief in the significant and diverse benefits that cycling brings, including individual’s mental and physical health for all ages, improved safety on the streets, better public realm, social and economic equality, tourism income generation, and in particular the broad ranging environmental benefits. I have been extremely lucky to have had the chance to contribute to these areas, and also enjoy touring, bikepacking, mountain biking and road riding myself."

Nominated by…

Isobel Stoddart was nominated for the 100 Women in Cycling by author and former head of communications at Cycling UK, Adrian Wills, who said: 

"Isobel has been involved in promoting cycling behind the scenes for many years including at Sustrans, Transport for London and Cycling England. She is now partnerships manager at Bikeability. I love her can-do attitude, quietly spoken but confidently determined to get many more people cycling. A real inspiration."