Hannah Attenburrow

Community champion

Hannah Attenburrow

Mountain biking coach

From racing at elite level to participating in longer distance adventures, it was never about the position for Hannah. Personal achievement and experiencing the journey has always been Hannah’s passion.

Wanting to share her love of the outdoors and mountain biking with others she set up Pedal 2 Pedal, a kids' mountain bike club after recognising that there was no group for young people in her area. Hannah has continued to inspire children to get into mountain biking and experience outdoor adventures. 

Hannah Attenburrow said…

“When I was growing up, I remember going on adventures with my Dad in our local woods in Suffolk; some of my fondest memories are from biking. I learnt to night ride with my Dad. Back then we didn’t have lights, you learnt the trails off by heart and knew where every obstacle was. It was thrilling and with these mini adventures my love for mountain biking grew. 

"I remember going on holiday mountain biking in Slovakia – sometimes the terrain was so tough my Dad tied a rope to the front of my bike and dragged me up the climbs. He called it character building!"

The thrill of the ride

"Since then I have always had a passion for the outdoors, but it wasn’t until I got out of university that I decided to try mountain bike racing. 

Biking has always been about the journey and personal achievement that comes from mastering something new

Hannah Attenburrow

"I started racing in 2012 and was hooked; the atmosphere, the people, it was all just so exciting! From my first race I went on to race at elite level before turning my attention to longer distance adventures. 

"Biking has always been about the journey and personal achievement that comes from mastering something new, so in 2016 I took on a new challenge and raced the Transalp mountain bike race with my friend Michelle. 

"Out of 15 all-girl pairs we came 11th, but it wasn’t about the position for me, it was about the achievement and journey together. We had raced from Austria to Italy, climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest twice, and I won’t ever forget the stunning scenery, the people and emotions that came from riding that race. 

Giving back

"In 2013 I started Pedal 2 Pedal, a kids' mountain bike club in Petersfield, Hampshire, starting with six children and a playground. We have grown to a club of over 30 members and four groups of kids as well as numerous kids' camps throughout each holiday. 

"Watching the kids grow in ability and confidence and go off to races has been so rewarding, and I hope they continue to do well as they all follow their own journeys in mountain biking.

Cycling is far more than just a sport to me, it’s a way of life

Hannah Attenburrow

"Since the Transalp, as well as growing my coaching business to include mountain bike holidays I have competed in Mountain Mayhem as a pair coming 3rd, Torq 24:12 solo coming 2nd, and raced the Carpathian MTB Epic solo in 2018: probably one of the most gruelling challenges I have ever faced.

"Cycling has changed my life by giving me a focus and an escape. When I feel a bit grey, getting on my bike can lift me back up. I have built a career on cycle coaching and am passionate about helping others achieve on their bikes. Cycling is far more than just a sport to me, it’s a way of life.

Nominated by…

The person who nominated Hannah for the 100 Women in Cycling said: 

“Hannah has been inspiring children to get into mountain biking since 2013 when she noticed there was no local club for kids to join. 

“Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching kids how to be safe, push boundaries, care for the trails and natural environment is inspiring. 

“Hannah's club has helped many youngsters with issues such as ADHD and Asperger’s/autism get out, learn how to interact with others and enjoy a sport that they can take part in without feeling the pressure of group activities. 

“Some of her young riders have gone on to compete regionally in cross-country and enduro racing, while others have just grown in confidence and ability and love the opportunity to get on their bikes weekly for a structured but fun mountain bike session. 

“Hannah started Pedal 2 Pedal while working full time, giving up her evenings to help the next generation of mountain bikers. Hannah also goes above and beyond to provide mountain biking opportunities for these young people and help them on their cycling journey.”