Fran Pearson

Cycle influencer

Fran Pearson

Digital cycling champion and outdoor activity advocate

Fran Pearson is an advocate for all outdoor activities and as a plus-sized lady she’s particularly keen to encourage larger people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. 

Even though Fran volunteers at a local cycle hub, she is a complete cycling beginner, her previous riding experience was limited to gentle rides around centre parcs. But after she saw a woman fat-shamed in a sporty Facebook group she decided that no-one should be made to feel that they do not belong in a sports environment because of their size.

As one of Cycling UK's digital champions promoting women's cycling, Fran wants to promote a plus-size positive body image and promote women in all sports that are often male dominated. She’s planning to complete her first ever long-distance trail on a bike this summer, hopefully accompanied by her children, if she can convince them! 

Fran Pearson said…

“I have decided to complete the Shropshire Cake and Ale Trail on my bike. The trail itself has been designed as a hiking trail. My plan is to adapt it as long-distance cycling trail, following the existing route as closely as possible. The idea is to camp along the route and to carry all my necessary gear with me on the bike.”