Chloe Gillard

Cycle influencer

Chloe Gillard

Digital cycling champion

Growing up, sport was always a big part of Chloe’s life, particularly hockey. She was then devastated when she was advised to stop her usual activities while she recovered from an eating disorder. 

Looking for something she could do that would support her recovery and improve her mental health during the coronavirus pandemic she decided to give cycling a go. It quickly became her happy place, giving her an opportunity to clear her mind and escape from the stresses of daily life. 

As one of Cycling UK's digital champions promoting women's cycling, Chloe is passionate to help inspire others who have been through similar struggles and her goal is to join a local cycling group and become an ambassador to encourage more young women to take up cycling. 

Chloe said…

“I’m a bit nervous because I’ve never been out with more than one other person before, so I’m a bit nervous about being in a group. But I’m really looking forward to having that sense of community and the enjoyment of riding with people who are diverse in terms of lifestyles, jobs, age, but yet we have this commonality through cycling.”

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