"You are our lifeblood" - Sarah's new year message of thanks

Cycling UK's new chief executive has released a new year's video message to thank members and supporters, and to set out her vision for 2021

Cycling UK’s new chief executive, Sarah Mitchell has released a new year’s video message of thanks to members and supporters, highlighting her ambition to build on the growing interest in cycling sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah, who has 15 years’ experience working in the charity sector, joined the organisation in October, at a time she described as a ‘moment of history’ as cycling rates soared through 2020.

She says the challenge in 2021 is to build on those numbers and to inspire and help even more people onto bikes.

You are our lifeblood. You are our voice and you help us achieve lasting change

Sarah Mitchell, chief executive, Cycling UK

She said: “It’s a huge honour to be starting this role at a time when cycling has increased across the whole of the UK. I hope together in 2021 we can build on this and get even more people out on their bikes.”

Sarah also talked about her frustration at losing her daily commute because of lockdown restrictions, a frustration felt by many cyclists who’ve seen club rides restricted and the social side of riding curbed.

“Like you, I love cycling. I’ve been cycling across London every morning for the last 17 years on my commute so it's been a little frustrating to lose that to the pandemic,” she said.

And she also paid tribute to the hard work of Cycling UK’s members, supporters, volunteers and groups.

A cycling UK group club run

“We know that for many people, concerns about safety, particularly road safety can be a huge issue. That’s why our campaigning work is so important. That's why it's essential we work as we do with local government and national governments on trying to make changes and improve safety on the roads and cycle infrastructure.

“But of course, that’s only part of the solution because we also need to change attitudes. That's why our work, for example, on the Big Bike Revival project in England and a lot of our Scottish work is so important.

“I’m keenly aware that none of this would be possible without you – our members, volunteers, supporters and groups wherever you are in the United Kingdom whether that's Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland or England.

“You are our lifeblood. You are our voice and you help us achieve lasting change,” Sarah said.