Ten fun ways to reunite with friends for the Women’s Festival of Cycling

Reconnect with friends by bike
Looking for a unique way to reunite with your friends and family? Here are some top tips!

For those who’ve been separated from friends and family over the last few months and are finally coming together, what better way to reunite than go for a ride on your bike. You can enjoy quality time in the outdoors and time on your bike.

We’ve listed 10 fun ways you can reunite with friends on your bike whilst keeping safe.

1. Picnic in the open air

Picnics are a great way to break up a long ride or make a family ride even more fun. Take time to re-energise and spend time in the open together. You even get to take in the views.

2. Ride your favourite route

There might a route that is special to you and your friends or family. Getting together to cycle your favourite route is a top way to rekindle times gone by.

3. Challenge yourselves

Take your ride to the next level or join a virtual event challenge and compete along the way. Fun challenges can be a good break away from your normal cycling routine and give you a chance to test your limits.

4. Go on a cycling day trip to somewhere new

Most people across the UK have been restricted to local rides only and while it has been rewarding discovering new local routes, there is something to be said for change – variety is the spice of life after all. Planning a day trip can be satisfying as it gives you the opportunity for a new adventure.

5. Plan a cycling holiday

While we are on the theme of restrictions – you may have been unlucky enough to have missed out on a cycling holiday this year. Why not give yourselves something to look forward to by plotting your next trip?

6. Take the plunge – cycle to somewhere you can go wild swimming

Cool off mid-ride by going for a swim! There are plenty of off-road routes to lakes and streams where you can cool off after a good summer ride. It can be a good way to spend some quality time.

7. Test out a new route together

This year’s Women’s Festival of Cycling is all about seeking adventure. Restrictions on movement over the last few months mean we’ve become incredibly familiar with local lanes. Testing out a new route will be a refreshing way to reunite and enjoy some alternative experiences in the outdoors.

8. Tackle an epic hill

Depending where you live, hills are almost impossible to avoid. But, if you’re looking for something fun to do why not challenge a friend to a steep climb on your bike? It’s a good way to challenge yourself while having fun at the same time.

9. Go bikepacking or wild camping

Bikepacking has exploded over the last few years. Cycling UK’s communications manager Sam Jones has been on some thrilling adventures across the globe and shared his top tips for what to pack and where to go. This can be a superb way to reconnect with loved ones in the outdoors after a ride.

10. Join or start a club

There are cycling clubs all over the UK for everyone at every level. They’re a phenomenal way to get to know new people, new routes and learn so much more about your cycling. It’s an opportunity to connect regularly with people who can help develop your passion for cycling. Find a group near you.


Better times are coming, be ready to enjoy them.