Stan Essex 1927 - 2022

Stan Essex 1927 - 2022

Stan Essex, keen photographer and world traveller, 8 April 1927 - 21 January 2022

Stan was born at Herne Hill, London, to a family of sheepskin processors and rug manufacturers in Nottingham and South Yorkshire.

The family moved to Slough in 1936 for employment.

Stan could not ride a bike until he was almost sixteen, when he learnt on his mother’s old loop frame bike with back pedalling brake.

He soon joined Slough YHA group and was given a YHA Life membership for his 21st birthday.

Prior to this, he had ventured into Europe and joined the CTC in 1947 where he soon became a Life Member, and has since cycled extensively in this country with South Bucks and Reading CTC.

His bike took him through Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France, including the highest paved mountain pass in the Alps: the Col De Liseran - his Holdsworth 10852 even has its own entry in his 1946 passport!

His total YHA overnights came to over 1000. 

He successfully completed nine triennial Veterans 100 mile rides.

His other interests were walking, photography and family history.

He started work in the aircraft industry, working 52 hours a week for £1 12s 6p, and later was involved in the design of aircraft escape chutes and as a designer of industrial heating equipment.

His wife Gill died in July 2013, after 57 years of marriage, leaving five children.

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