Portsmouth Cycle Forum - Winner

Volunteer Awards 2018
Portsmouth Cycle Forum at a rally in honour of cyclist Tim Atkins, in June 2017
The Portsmouth Cycle Forum is 2018's winner in the Outstanding Campaigning Group category for Cycling UK's 2018 Volunteer of the Year Awards.

The Portsmouth Cycle Forum is dedicated to ensuring cyclists’ safety in and around Portsmouth.

Their tenacity and determination to see real change after the death of cyclist Tim Atkins on the Eastern Road has meant meeting with and developing real working relationships with local Councillors across all parties, and officers of the law.

This has seen real results: Portsmouth City Council passed a Space for Cycling motion last year. This year, they are working with Councillors and officers to create a portrayal of what Portsmouth would look like if cycle facilities were built, to inspire lasting change with cycling safety in mind. In addition to this, earlier this year Portsmouth City Council unveiled a tool for reporting 'near misses' and close passes - which means the Council will be able to keep track of specific roads and areas which might be a particular danger to cyclists.

Ian Saunders receiving the award for Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Ian Saunders from Portsmouth Cycle Forum said: “We are driven by a belief that what we continue to do as a group, as members and committee, is the right thing for our city, to improve the lives for all residents, workers and visitors whether they cycle or not.

“It’s great to be acknowledged for the work that has been done over the last year, and this award from Cycling UK helps to justify we are on the right track and is a boost to everyone involved in the campaign. It may also assist in being further recognised locally in order to get our message across.”

Duncan Dollimore, Head of Campaigns at Cycling UK said: “Portsmouth Cycling Forum are a tremendous example of local people raising their concerns, making their voices heard, but engaging with the local authority in a constructive manner to encourage active travel in a congested city.

“There’s a way long way to go, but hopefully the council will carry on listening to the Forum’s recommendations for promoting safer and healthier streets that promote both walking and cycling.” 

Cycling UK's Volunteer of the Year Awards are given annually to recognise and celebrate all the incredible work volunteers do in encouraging others to start cycling and keep cycling.