Matt Kenny - Runner-up

Volunteer Awards 2018
Matt Kenny
Matt Kenny was shortlisted in the Exceptional Individual - Community Project category for Cycling UK's 2018 Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Matt Kenny referred himself to the Society of St James (SSJ), Hampshire, after years of battling and alcohol addiction.

During that time in his life, he used cycling as a way of recuperating after a binge session – getting out on the bike gave him a sense of focus and helped to break the cycle of drinking. At the SSJ, he worked through his addiction and eventually opted to volunteer with a SSJ programme called ‘Brake the Cycle’ where he takes SSJ users out to cycle in the New Forest.

These organisations - the SSJ, 'Brake the Cycle' and ReFit - another organisation in the area that supports people with drug and alcohol addictions - wouldn't be able to function without volunteers. Matt helps by maintaining bikes, setting up, clearing away, and leading rides and actively engages with all comers. He has a desire to enable everyone to cycle, and works hard to develop easy paced rides for all abilities through the local countryside by carefully riding routes and plotting out rides. Without his help, the work of 'Brake the Cycle' and more would be infinitely more difficult.

He has done all this while also working through his own drug and alcohol dependencies. Cycling UK is proud to recognise Matt's work in our Volunteer Awards 2018.

Cycling UK's Volunteer of the Year Awards are given annually to recognise and celebrate all the incredible work volunteers do in encouraging others to start cycling and keep cycling.