Indigo Kelly-Forest

Indigo Kelly-Forest
Indigo Kelly-Forest
Indigo Kelly-Forest is part of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2018 list for sharing how cycling transformed her health to motivate others.

Indigo has been a keen cyclist for five years, and in this time has worked her way down from a size 24 to a slim 10-12, and as a result has vastly reduced her insulin dependence as a type-2 diabetic. Cycling has been the key component of Indigo’s personal health and wellbeing revolution; in recognition of this, Indigo has done all she can to get other women out on bikes.

In 2017, Indigo formed a non-profit which organises cycling holidays between Bordeaux and Narbonne. Indigo cycled over 2000km last year to suss out new exciting routes, and has three trips for 2018 in the works so far. The group also raises money for charity; in 2017 the group donated £180 to a womb cancer charity.

Indigo was nominated by someone who went on a trip with Indigo, and told us, “Indi is very brave and inspirational with unstoppable energy. Many of the women on the holidays are in the process of finding themselves and their health again, after years of caring for others, the death of a loved one or divorce. Indi allows everyone to find their own pace and has the patience of a saint. We all love her!”

I’m a great champion of girls and women’s causes around the world; equality and equity for all is central to my beliefs.

- Indigo Kelly-Forest

Indigo is also the chair of Leicester Women’s Velo; at present she is busy sorting out commemorative suffragette kit in purple, green and white for the group to join in Leicester’s upcoming celebrations of this year’s 100-year anniversary of universal suffrage. Five of the suffragette jerseys will be sent out to a friend of Indigo’s in Ghana.

Indigo says, “I’m a great champion of girls and women’s causes around the world; equality and equity for all is central to my beliefs. In Ghana, there’s a wonderful woman call Vida Juliet Vidie who works tirelessly to promote girls’ and women’s cycling, and who is a great inspiration to me.”

Alongside all of this, Indigo is a primary school teacher and a qualified special educational needs and disabilities co-ordinator.

Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling is an annual list celebrating inspirational women who are encouraging others to take part in this wonderful and life-enhancing activity.

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