Big Bike Revival England: Application Guidance

Dr Bike Event
Guidance taking part in the 'Big Bike Revival Pop-Up Dr Bikes Programme' and applying for Grant Funding.

1. Organisations Eligible to Deliver

The types of organisations that Cycling UK considers eligible to deliver the programme and apply for grant funding are:   

  • Cycling UK affiliated groups (i.e. Community Cycle Clubs)
  • Bicycle recycling centres
  • Not for Profit groups (i.e. registered charities, social enterprises, community interest companies)
  • Training organisations
  • Local authorities 
  • Limited companies (i.e. commercial cycling businesses, independent bike shops)
  • Sole traders (i.e. mobile bike mechanics)

Please note:

  • We cannot pay grant funds into a personal bank account. If you are applying for a small grant you'll need to access an organisational or business bank account. 
  • If you are a sole trader without a business account, at our discretion we may request additional information to verify your trading status.   
  • Organisations who are providing cycling activities on a regular basis, as their main business or as a primary income, MUST have a public liability insurance policy and be able to provide Cycling UK with a valid copy of the policy when requested. The validity of the policy must be at least until 31st March 2021. The policy holder MUST be identified in the insurance policy as an organisation eligible to carry out cycle repairs and maintenance. 
  • Organisations must be registered and active in England. 
  • Organisations must be able to deliver cycle repairs and maintenance checks at Pop-Up Dr Bike events, as outlined below.   
  • Eligibility to deliver does not automatically equate to becoming a delivery partner. Cycling UK reserves the right to approve or reject an applicant based on any information provided on the application submitted, or any information that Cycling UK currently has or acquires as a result of an organisation applying to take part in the programme. 
  • If your organisation is not providing cycling activities on a regular basis, as a main business or for the primary income, Cycling UK has arranged liability insurance for activity providers organising one-off special events which are part of the Big Bike Revival programme, Bike Week and the Women’s Festival of Cycling. Cover is given under a policy taken out by Cycling UK with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc, policy number RSAP1696719200. A summary of the insurance provided for Big Bike Revival events is detailed in the Cycling UK Guidance note 5 - Special Events Insurance at the bottom of this page.

2. The Application process and qualifying conditions

Organisations must apply by submitting the online application and following the advice given herein.

Once the application process has closed, Cycling UK will review all applicants and the following qualifying conditions will be considered, but are not limited to:

  • Eligibility to deliver
  • Ability to deliver the Delivery Plan
  • Ability to collect and return beneficiary data to monitor and evaluate the programme
  • Ability to comply to our general conditions

After the review process is complete, Cycling UK will provide one of three outcomes to all applicants:

  • Approval – an application has been approved in full.
  • Rejected – an application has been rejected in full or partially, and where possible and appropriate, reasons and decisions will be provided.
  • On Hold – an application has been put on hold, due either to a lack of or clarity of information, or to discuss issues or concerns that have arisen by either party. This outcome carries the provisional expectation of a final outcome.


If an application is approved, the contacts provided on the application submitted will receive a formal email correspondence that the application has been approved. If this notification is received, you’ll receive instructions about providing further documentation, which you agree to submit and sign prior to commencing delivery. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Grant Agreement
  • Grant Claim Form
  • Copy of a valid Bank Statement
  • Data Agreement
  • Copy of a valid Public Liability Insurance

If your organisations' application is rejected, it is not intended that this outcome will reflect on future applications, unless additional information, other notification or advice is provided.

Eligibility to deliver does not automatically equate to becoming a delivery partner. Cycling UK reserves the right to approve or reject an applicant based on any information provided on the application submitted, or any information that Cycling UK currently has or acquires as a result of an organisation applying to take part in the programme.    

Your organisation can only apply for one Big Bike Revival grant at a time. If your organisation receives an approval outcome, it will not be excluded from applying for an additional Big Bike Revival Grant later in the year when subsequent delivery of the programme takes place. 

3. Guidance on completing the application and the information we require

The application - CANNOT BE SAVED FOR LATER - please ensure you have all information to hand before you begin.

Before filling in your application, you'll have an opportunity to read Schedules 1 and 2 of the Grant Agreement online. This will ensure you understand the Delivery Plan in full. 

As a guide, the type of information you will need to provide when applying is listed below. There are 7 sections to fill-in, here’s a brief description of each:   

1. Start: About your Organisation

We require some basic details like:

  • Organisation name, address, postcode, social media addresses, etc.
  • Organisation type i.e. not for profit, independent bike shop, etc.
  • Contact of details the person(s) responsible for the delivery.

2. Activities: About your Organisations' activities

We require some basic knowledge around the activities you currently provide, and whether they are provided on a regular basis.

3. GDPR Compliance

We require you to agree to comply with our data agreement procedures.   

4. Events: Pop-Up Dr Bikes  

We require the details of your organisations Delivery Plan and list of event dates.

All events dates must fall within the Delivery Period as specified on the online application form.

We expect you to know the details of your Pop-Up Dr Bikes Delivery Plan. i.e. the why, how, where, when and for whom your delivery will be focused on.

However, we understand that event dates may need to change before the delivery due to mitigating circumstances like inclement weather. In the eventuality, the list of dates provided now can be altered at a later stage.

The events need to be listed with the following information:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Date
  • Time

What a Dr Bike Service is: To help you and your bike mechanics manage the delivery of services and beneficiary expectations on the day, our guidance on what a Dr Bike under this programme should be, is listed below. Each Dr Bike service for example can include any of the following:    

  • Work on each cycle for a maximum of 30-minutes.
  • Provide a comprehensive ‘M-Check’ to ensure that the cycle is safe to ride.
  • Replace small parts - a typical Dr Bike health check may include some of the following cycle replacements and checks:
  • Brakes - caliper and cable adjustment, cable, and pad replacement
  • Gears - indexing, adjustment, and cable replacement
  • Chain - check for wear, lubricate if necessary
  • Tyres - puncture repair/tube replacement, inflated to recommended pressure (PSI)
  • Other - check all nuts and bolts are correctly torqued; check headset and bottom bracket; check and replace missing bar plugs/cable end caps


Grant requests are viewed on a case by case basis and organisations are able to request a Grant of up £3,000. The purpose of awarding a Grant is to support your Delivery Plan.

Your Budget Plan Expenditure may consist of all reasonable and necessary resources to deliver Pop-Up Dr Bike events and may include:

  • bike mechanic staff costs
  • cycle repair consumables i.e. brake cables, lubricant oils, inner tubes, brake pads, etc. 
  • health and hygiene consumables i.e. disposable gloves, masks, paper tissues, etc.     
  • location permission and usage costs 
  • transportation costs

Please list your items with their associated costs, to be clear how your Grant will be spent.  


Here you have an opportunity to provide us with any additional information.  


Here you have a chance to preview your application, and go back and change any information, before submitting.