Big Bike Revival Winter 2023/24

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Big Bike Revival Winter 2023-24, delivered in England 


Big Bike Revival is a behaviour change intervention, designed and informed by a robust theoretical framework, the COM-B model. 

Established in 2014, the programme delivers an extensive events programme in England at a local level by community-embedded partners who are typically volunteer-led groups, social enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, independent bike shops and Cycling UK's Community Cycle Club network.

The project targets adults and aims to encourage beginners to learn to cycle and non-regular cyclists to cycle more frequently for short, local everyday journeys. Children can benefit if accompanied by an adult at a family event.

Applications for Big Bike Revival 2023 are now open! If you feel passionate about the above criteria, we recommend you read all the details about the 2023 programme on our Website and the Terms and Conditions agreement (especially schedules 1&2) to understand the programme, the level of commitment and expectations before applying.

Grant funding of up to £2,500 per application is available to support the delivery. Applications are open from 16 October until 15 December 2023 and are reviewed weekly on multiple days. The intervention will be delivered from Saturday 04 November 2023 until Sunday 25 February 2024.

We are continuing the success of delivering the full FIX-LEARN-RIDE model. Consult our event guides for more information on Big Bike Revival event types.

In addition, this Winter we are calling on delivery partners to help us shape the events model by using their expert knowledge, best practise and creativity. We'd love to hear from applicants with ideas on how to engage the target audience effectively during a challenging time of the year. Describe these in your application and how they will add value to your FIX-LEARN-RIDE events plan. 

Before applying, we recommend applicants contact their local cycling development officer to discuss the current focus, ideas to deliver in Winter and confirm funding availability. Officer details can be found on our Website at the bottom of the page, or alternatively, please contact the project team.

Please note - to complete your grant application, you will need your bank account details to hand and be able to upload a copy of a recent bank statement and a signature.