Bob West 1937-2016

Bob West 1937-2016

Bob was a member of South Bucks DA, West Surrey DA, Southampton DA

Died on Dec 6 2016 aged 79. Bob joined CTC in 1957 and was an active member of South Bucks DA, then West Surrey DA and, later, was a founder member of the Winchester Section of the then Southampton DA where he led the Easy rides. 

Bob was a noted racer and time triallist on bicycles and tricycles at all distances up to 12 hours.  He started racing as a teenager and continued as a veteran with Velo Club Venta in Winchester of which he later became Chairman and President. 

He was involved in the initial Winchester City Centre Races which included a parade of veteran cycles and “ordinary” racing. He was also a member of the Veteran Time Trials Association, the Tricycle Association, the Veteran-Cycle Club and the Moulton Bicycle Club.

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