Sheffield appoints Dame Sarah Storey as Cycling and Walking Commissioner

Dame Sarah Storey with her Olympic Gold Medal from London 2012 Olympics
Dame Sarah Storey DBE. Photo by Richard Turner.
Cycling UK today (Monday, 01 April) applauds Sheffield City Region’s appointment of Dame Sarah Storey in the new role of Cycling and Walking Commissioner, and together with Cycle Sheffield present their shared vision for how the region’s cycling and walking can be improved.
  • Cycling UK shares inspiration study on how to improve cycling and walking in the Sheffield region with new commissioner
  • Photos and report available 

Cycling UK and Cycle Sheffield have prepared an ‘inspiration study’ for Sheffield featuring a visualisation of how to make the region more community focussed.

Using the example of Sharrow Lane in Sharrow, Sheffield, the study takes inspiration from the Netherlands and Belgium, and shows how by simple changes roads could encourage more cycling and walking, while still allowing motor vehicle access.

Emily, a Sheffield resident with a young child, said: “At the moment I don’t feel comfortable with the thought of my child cycling to school or walking across the road. Many parents feel the same and feel scared to cycle themselves.

“Residential roads should be community streets like the vision in Sharrow Lane. If they were, we’d see more families cycling, meaning less pollution and congestion.”

Both Sheffield City Council and the Sheffield City Region also support the study, and Cycling UK hopes it will act as inspiration for Dame Storey in her new role as she works to get more people cycling and walking.

Cycle Sheffield co-ordinator Ian Carey said: “Cities should be designed around and for people, creating healthy places where children can walk and cycle safely to school. Cycle Sheffield has worked with Cycling UK to present a vision for community focussed streets.

“We want to inspire Sheffield City Council and the Mayor into building a proper network of safe, pleasant streets that everyone can enjoy.”

The Sheffield City Region joins London, Manchester and the West Midlands Combined Authority in its appointment of a Cycling and Walking Commissioner.

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK Campaigns Manager said: “Sheffield City Region are to be applauded for their selection of Dame Sarah Storey as their new Cycling and Walking Commissioner. She’s such a fantastic inspiration for so many people, and Cycling UK hopes her amazing achievements continue as she makes the Sheffield region a cycling and walking success.

“To help in this process, I hope the study we prepared will act as inspiration for Dame Sarah Storey over the months and years ahead. The Sheffield City region has a real opportunity to show the rest of the UK how to make our urban areas places we want to stay and spend time in rather, than pass through rapidly in a car.

“Although this study is based in the Sheffield region, it’s relevant for communities across the United Kingdom, especially for cities and towns crying out for investment.

“We need to see ring-fenced Government funding for cycling and walking networks to enable councils to make the changes needed to create healthy streets for everyone.”