Oxfordshire spends just 0.2% of transport budget on cycling

BikeSafe have campaigned for a cycle path alongside a busy B-road for years
Local cycle campaign group for West Oxfordshire, BikeSafe, has slammed Oxfordshire County Council for its lamentable lack of funding for cycling.

Over the last three years, Oxfordshire spent just £500,000 on cycling measures out of a transport budget of £230m - only 0.2% of the total.

The discovery was made by campaign group BikeSafe, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request.

The group had previously been told that there were insufficient funds to build a path alongside the busy B4044 from Eynsham to Botley, on the outskirts of Oxford, for which it has been campaigning for years.

BikeSafe even raised funding to undertake a feasibility study of the route, which currently is far too hostile for any but a tiny minority of cyclists to use, preventing many local trips between villages being made by bike. They also produced an excellent short film, explaining the situation and the solution they have proposed.


Furthermore, Oxfordshire failed to make a bid to the Government's 'Cycle Safety Fund' for the route. BikeSafe's feasibility study suggested that the 5km link would cost around £1.2m, but could be built in stages.

Ian Leggett, the Chairman of Bike Safe, said: “There is a serious need for the leadership of the county council to make investment in cycling infrastructure a greater priority.

"The community path project enjoys enormous popular support and will make a huge difference to all road users who travel along the Eynsham Road. It ticks all the boxes of the county’s transport policies – but they seem to be happier moaning about their lack of funds, rather than making an effort to bring in new money.”