Team CTC do themselves proud in Czech Republic Tour

CTC’s riders finish in the Tour De Feminin - O cenu Ceského Švýcarska in the Czech Republic.

Tamina Oliver, Hannah Payton and Astrid Wingler were joined by guest riders Vittoria Bussi and Jeanette Gerri for the five stage event which took place between 4th-7th July.

177 women set off on Stage One of the tour in Krasna Lipa with 109 finishing in the town on Stage 5 three days later, highlighting the effort.

Having joined the team in Europe after nine consecutive days of racing in the USA, Tamina Oliver found the first two days of the tour tough going and the wear and tear from competing in the Tour of America’s Dairyland in Wisconsin as she finished 66th and 79th in Stage’s 1 and 2.

However she found her pace once again on Stages 3 with a 49th place in the time trail race with Bussi following behind in 50th.

And later in the day she put in the teams best performance of the tour, with an 11th place finish in the 95km stage race in Rumburk.

A 29th Place in the final stage from Varnsdorp to Krasna Lipa saw Oliver secure 56th in the final general classification standings, with Gerrie, Bussi, Payton and Wingler finshing 88, 90, 103 and 106 respectively.

Amy Cure of Australia took the overall win, with Team GB Olympic Silver medallist Emma Pooley of Bigla Cycling Team the runner-up.

Huge praise must go to guest rider Gerri for completing the four day tour after a nasty fall on the opening stage.

Jeanette suffered brusing and skin abrasion from the fall, but persevered to the end of the tour in pain that would have seen many a rider pull out after such a severe injury.

Team Manager Steve Bailey couldn’t have been happier with the performance the ladies gave over the course of the tour.

“In what's a tough country to compete in, against 6 National teams and fully sponsored European professional cycling teams-some of the best in the world-I’m proud to say I managed a group of five riders who could not have given more

“The team once again proved their worth, their resilience, and flew the flag in the Czech Republic for CTC in great fashion.”

Having had time to recover from a gruelling tour, the next race will see the Green Team head to Essex for a two-day National Series event this weekend.