Space for Cycling - your infrastructure photos mapped

Space for Cycling in Brighton - bus stop bypasses on the Lewes Road
Space for Cycling calls on councils to improve our streets so that anyone can cycle anywhere. But what does that mean in practice? CTC wants your photos and examples of infrastructure that's good or bad to explain to councils what works, and what needs improvement.

If you've got photos of examples of infrastructure for cycling - whether good or bad - CTC wants to see them.

Your photos can now be uploaded to a map with categories so that they will be easier to search in future.

Each report will also be sent on to the CycleStreets photomap a national database of cycling infrastructure images maintained by Cambridge-based social enterprise CycleStreets, which operates an excellent cycling journey planner.

The good

If you know of cycle paths, 20 mph limits, greenways or traffic-free routes through green spaces, or even town centres which are fully accessible to cyclists, log them on the map

Of course, not every example is perfect, so you'll be asked to give a quick explanation of how the infrastructure can be improved. For instance - a cycle track could be good along 90% of its section, but have a few poor junctions at one end that make it less useful. 

The bad

There are, of course, many examples of infrastructure across the country where cycling has been designed out: large junctions, busy roads and fiddly pavement conversions are all a problem, but so are town centres from which cyclists have been banned, or residential streets used as rat runs. 

You could even submit examples of places where cycle parking is needed but not provided, or where cycle tracks are needed through green spaces.

We'd like to map every location where cycling is banned, and shouldn't be, or where there are obstructions on cycle paths which prevent their use by people using non-standard cycles.

For each piece of infrastructure, good or bad, you'll need to submit a photo of each item, give a description and explain how you think it could be improved.

What is the Space for Cycling campaign?

London Cycling Campaign created Space for Cycling, which in London is focussing on lobbying candidates in this year’s local elections. CTC is taking LCC’s London-born campaign nationwide, and is coordinating the campaign to seek commitments from local politicians to provide Space for Cycling, in conjunction with the Cyclenation federation of local campaign groups around the UK. The campaign is funded by a generous grant from the cycle industry's 'Bike Hub' levy, run by the Bicycle Association, and by private donations.

You can submit the photos to the map, and write to your councillor(s) today, challenging them to make Space for Cycling in your area.