Space for Cycling Campaigners' Conference announced

CTC will be hosting a campaigners' conference in Leeds on Saturday 3 May - for everyone looking to get involved in the Space for Cycling campaign.

Here at CTC, we’re excited to be launching the national ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign in mid-April with groups across the country including Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle and others. 

The campaign is calling on councils across the country to make our streets and roads safe and inviting for everyone to cycle - focusing specifically on infrastructure and design standards. 

However, we need local campaigners to make it happen.  We’ll be launching a ‘Councillors Guide to Good Design’ along with online mapping tools to showcase good and bad spaces for cycling and a quick and easy 'email-a-councillor' tool for local groups.

Are you in a local cycle campaign group or interested in forming one?  CTC will be hosting a Campaigners' Conference in Leeds on Saturday 3 May.  The event is for anyone interested in using Space for Cycling to galvanise cycle campaigning in your area.  New and experienced campaigners are all welcome.

The conference is a good opportunity to learn about the design specifics like protected space and livable town centres - as well as useful skills like press and social media work.  We really want to support campaigners around the country in creating space for cycling in their area."

Robbie Gillett
CTC's Space for Cycling campaigner

The day will include workshops on:

  • Protected space and decent junctions
  • Removing through traffic 
  • Press and social media skills
  • How councils work – and how to get them to listen
  • Vision and visualisations
  • 20 mph and lower speed limits
  • Liveable, cycle-friendly town centres
  • Myth-busting and rebuttals.

Both the full workshop timetable (see download below) and registration page can be found on the CTC's website.

Click here for the Facebook event.

A variable travel bursary will be available to participants coming from further afield - depending on the distance.  Please contact for more details.

Reasons to come to the Conference:

  • to find out how you can use the Space for Cycling campaign to improve cycling in your area
  • to meet, learn and share ideas from experienced campaigners
  • to pick up an ‘Activist Pack’ of Space for Cycling printed campaign and publicity materials

Space for Cycling is being coordinated by CTC, the London Cycling Campaign and Cyclenation groups.

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